Free Zone

If you have decided to register a company in the UAE, then it's best to choose a free zone. One of the biggest benefits of a free zone is that you're a 100% owner and yet still don't have to pay taxes, something that's guaranteed for up to 20 years. Every business setup in a free zone needs to follow a set of rules outlined by that free zone...

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Main Land

To set up a company in the UAE, apart from the Free Zone option you have the mainland option. All mainland businesses are registered by the government. You can setup a business in a mainland region of the UAE like Abu Dhabi or Dubai just so long as it adheres to the government's guidelines and follows the right legal structure...

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Companies and investors alike will find that there are numerous advantages of an offshore company formation. The biggest benefit is that it does not require a sponsor and can buy real estate across the Emirates. The offshore business structure is for existing businesses that are looking to expand beyond their borders, and the UAE...

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We offer 100% free and professional consultation to all prospective and current clients. Our consultants will answer any questions you may have about the process.
When you hire us to setup a company, there are no hidden charges. All fees are clearly outlined, and you are invoiced accordingly.
Setting up a business in some of the emirates does not require paid up capital. Not having paid up capital can help you incorporate at a lower price.
Our excellent customer service is what has made us one of the leading services. We respond to all queries ASAP, so that you never have to wait to make a decision.
We provide our clients with a knowledgeable and diligent account manager. The account manager continues to keep in touch with the client throughout the process.
We offer the most cost effective solutions for businesses and individuals. Setting up a company in the UAE doesn't have to be expensive.

About The UAE

The UAE or the United Arab Emirates as it is called happens to be strategically and economically poised for rapid further expansion. If the economic trends of the past decade or so are anything to go by, the UAE and Dubai, in particular, are the best places to do business.

However, despite the UAE's recent move towards making the process of setting up a business for investors easier and quicker, there still happens to be numerous steps that need to be completed. People who are not experienced can end up having to go back and forth with process which delays it significantly. Plus, add to that the fact that the UAE works in a slightly different manner as compared to setting up a business in the UK, or the US which can further compound confusion of the process.

The advantages of setting up a business in the UAE

As a business or investor there are many reasons to choose doing business in the UAE. However, one of the biggest reasons cited by many experts is that it gives you access to a much broader market. A multicultural environment ensures that there is a market for just about every type of product and service. Plus, non-existing personal, business and import taxes means that you retain 100% of the profits, and remain competitive against other international businesses. That said there are other benefits that are easily overlooked which includes the fact that qualified and unqualified manpower is abundant. It is also a lot easier to source highly talented employees from other countries thanks to the UAE's flexible and laxed via policies.

✔ Zero personal, business, and import taxes for everyone
✔ Abundance of skilled and unskilled labor
✔ Comparatively low cost operating environment
✔ 100% repatriation of your setup capital
✔ A broad and ever growing market consisting of expats from across the world
✔ Excellent infrastructure for IT and industrial businesses
✔ The UAE is known for its security and stability
✔ Global shipping and air routes makes accessing any country or continent easier

Disadvantages of setting up a business in the UAE

Admittedly there are few disadvantage of setting up a business in the UAE. However, for some types of businesses and investors the disadvantages would be worth considering.

✔ The initial cost of registering and setting up a business is high compared to the UK, USA and other parts of the world
✔ The setup or establishment process can take a couple of weeks at least for some types of companies
✔ Some industries are very tightly regulated which requires security clearance and other formalities
✔ Fridays are considered a day off