Ajman Free Zone

The Ajman Free Zone or AFZ as it is commonly referred to is one of the leading freezones in the UAE. In 1988, it was part of a major industrial development movement in Ajman which attracted dozens of businesses from across the world. The majority of companies flocked to invest in Ajman Freezone because it offered an excellent mix of stability, tax-free environment and relative ease of setting up a business. It is for these reasons that Ajman Free Zone is still considered by investors wanting to start a free zone company in the UAE.

Ajman Free Zone ensures that businesses start getting their return on investment faster by not levying taxes coupled with a relatively high and cost-effective living standard. Ajman Free Zone continues to develop by investing millions of Dirhams each year on an ever expanding one million square meters of free zone space.

If you want to start a free zone company in Ajman be rest assured that it's a good decision. However, despite the free zone authority making registration and licensing incredibly easy and quick, lack of documentation on a business's part or incomplete procedural formalities can slow down the process. Incorporating a free zone company for some business types may also not be as straightforward as it first seems. That said at Fast Free Zone we can help businesses setup their services or start selling their products in AJZ within no time!

Types of licenses offered by Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone offers a number of different license types based on the business that an investor hopes to conduct. Understanding the various business types can help business owners choose the right license type.

Business Licenses

There are four types of trade licenses which can be used to start a free zone company in Ajman:

  • A Trade license with one activity type
  • A Trade license with two activities
  • A Trade license with three activities
  • A General Trading License

E-Commerce Licenses

If you want to register a free zone company that does business online, then you'll need an E-Commerce License. The license allows you to conduct electronic trading and sales activities while also providing marketing and other online services.

Service Licenses

Service Licenses are for businesses who want to provide service related activities within AJZ. Services such as IT consultancies, management, and marketing, etc. fall under this category.

Industrial Licenses

Industrial Licenses are issued to businesses that specialize in manufacturing. However, the license holds industrial companies to the standards and policies of the Ajman Free Zone. Also, AJZ provides businesses with warehouses and smart stores to support their activities. It also offers all the tools investors will need in one place making doing business a lot easier.

National Industrial License

You can setup a freezone company with a National Industrial License only if it matches the following criteria:

  • The organization should have already been registeredin GCC countries with a citizen of that country owning 51% share of the company.
  • At least 40% of the manufacturing should be carried out within Ajman Freezone.

Offshore Licenses

If you want to start an offshore company which mainly extends the business from its current home base, then this is the license to get. However, the license allows the company to run their business outside of the Emirate and not within the Freezone.

Top Advantages of Ajman Free Zone

  • Businesses own 100% of their shares, profits, and stock
  • Competitively priced electricity, water, and gas
  • Foreigners can own their own business
  • Office space leasing is competitively priced
  • Easy access to banks and credit
  • Abundanceof low priced labor since the UAE does not enforce a minimum wage
  • Maintain a competitive edge since you don't pay export or import duties
  • Complete exemptionfrom income, business or industrial taxes
  • All facilities are competitively priced
  • Quick and easy licensing procedure means that you can even get a license in 24 hours

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