Dubai Airport Freezone Authority

Over the past decade, Dubai has become one of the most desired destinations for businesses and tourists alike. One of the biggest selling points of the Dubai Airport Freezone Authority has always been the fact that it was in very close proximity to the airport. The DAFZA as it is called was part of the government's 2014-2016 pledge to continue pulling in foreign investment and further strengthen financial institutions within the country. The DAFZA offers businesses looking to start a freezone company top class standards, excellent service, a safe environment, employee safety.

The DAFZA like other Dubai freezonesoffers tax and liability exemptions. The zone is also exempted from all commercial levies and personal taxes while ensuring 100% business proprietorship. The DAFZA was and still is considered one of the most promising freezones in the UAE. As a matter of fact, the Dubai Airport Free Zone was ranked amongst the top free zones in the world, by Financial Times, in their freezones of the future ranking 2012/2013.

At Fast Free Zone, we have helped dozens of businesses register a free zone company in DAFZA. We aid in every step of the process making it easy for people to setup their business without even having to be present for the process. We take care of all the legal documentation and clearing processes while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Company registration types:

  • FZE: When you register a freezone company one of the options you have is an FZE which requires a minimum of one shareholder and can have a max 50 shareholders. The shareholder can be either a company or an individual. Also, it needs to have a minimum capital of AED 1 million or $272,500 USD.
  • FZCO: An FZCO requires at least two shareholders and can have a max five shareholders. The shareholders can be either businesses or people or even a combination. The required minimum share capital is AED 500,000 or $136,000USD.
  • BRANCH OFFICE: A foreign entity can setupa branch office of their business in Dubai Airport Free Zone. Here no share capital is needed.

DAFZA License Types:

  • TRADING LICENSE: A license that's meant for businesses in the export, import, storage and distribution of particular products.
  • SERVICE LICENSE: It is for services whichare approved under the license of the DAFZA Free Zone.

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