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The UAE and in particular Dubai is without a doubt one of the biggest business centers in the world. The capital Abu Dubai and the popular business destination of Dubai together form the nexus of a diversified economy in the Middle East. Many businesses have over the years decided to register a mainland company in the UAE to take advantage of this diversified economy. Plus, an excellent infrastructure, safety, and comparatively affordable labor have made it one of the largest production centers with excellent import and export opportunities for businesses.

To set up a mainland company, businesses need to be registered with the Department of Economic Developed (DED). Firms that are engaging in trade like opening up a shop, car rental service or a beauty salon, etc. all need a DED registration. Businesses will also require the services of a local sponsor who is the co-owner of the business, or perhaps a local agent who does not have shares of the company but works as a gateway to the domestic market. One of the major reasons to set up a mainland company in the UAE is that there are no taxes, getting a business registered is easy, and there are no limitations to the type of businesses you can do. However, approvals may have to be sought for certain types of businesses.

We can help you register your business in the following major cities:

  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Sharjah
  • Ajman

When you open a resident company in the UAE, your business can tap into the Middle East's largest market.

We help you set up a free zone company in the UAE, while also advising you on the right type of registration and estimated costs. So, you can make an informed business decision.

Reasons to open a resident companyon the mainland

  • All emirates of the UAE are tax-free. So, whether you set up a business in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi you're not required to pay business, income or personal taxes. It is the leading reason why people work and do business in Dubai.
  • Starting a mainland company in Dubai gives you access to all the free zones within the region and various other business opportunities.
  • It is very easy to reach Dubai from any other major city in the world via a direct flight. So, whether you're based in London, New York or Paris, Dubai I just one flight away.
  • Luxury hotels, large shopping malls, white sandy beaches, and access to millions of tourists from across the world make it a boon for many types of businesses.
  • The UAE and Dubai, in particular,happen to be one of the safest destinations with a very low crime rate.
  • Despite categorized as having a desert type climate, the overall temperatures are pleasant for the most of the year.
  • Business owners will benefit from the fact that all most everyone in the UAE speaks English, which makes it easier to interact with people and do business.
  • The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have labeled Dubai as a financial hub.
  • Dubai is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative property markets in the world thanks to freehold properties which were introduced a few years back.
  • Dubai won the privilege to host the World Expo 2020, which will take place between October 2020 and April 2021. If anything, it's expected to be one of the biggest shows ever. It also signals a much larger encouragement to businesses from across the world.

Setup a mainland company – DED Help

One of the things that businesses will be dealing with when they want to set up a business in mainland UAE is getting it registered. Mainland companies need to be registered with the Dubai Economic Department.

Over the past decade, the UAE and in particular Dubai has worked towards making it quicker and easier for foreign businesses to set up shop in the city. The reforms are part and parcel of the country's Economic Development Department's vision of facilitating international businesses. The reforms have proven highly successful as Dubai does not rely on oil wealth as it once did but rather on commerce and tourism.

Issuing a business license

Once all of the above conditions have been met, a company can start operating a business in the UAE. If the above process seems complicated, then be assured that it's not and can be completed in a couple of days provided that you know your way around. We can help you register an LLC company UAE, contact us, and we will help you every step of the way!

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