The RAK Investment Authority was established as per Emiri Decree no. 2, in 2005. The objective of the RAK Investment Authority was to provide a highly attractive and competitive freezone to businesses from across the world. Like other free zones, the RAK Investment Authority focuses on providing investors with a 100% tax-free business environment, full capital repatriation, complete ownership of their own business, zero restrictions when it comes to hiring people and exemptions on commercial levies. When investors think about starting a freezone company, one of the things they also look at is overall stability regardingthe political, and environmentalclimate. The RAK Investment Authority ticks all boxes while also offering substantial logistical advantages with connections to major ports in all GCC countries along with South Asia, Europe, and Africa. Its proximity to an international airport makes it easier for businesses to move goods and personnel too.

Why choose RAK Investment Authority?

RAK Investment Authority offers businesses and investors alike a quick and relatively easy business setup. Over the past couple of years, the RAK Investment Authority has grown to encompass over 30 million square meters of land, two industrial parks, and office spaces. Plus, the easy availability of power, water, state of the art facilities and access to a huge market ensures that businesses have everything needed to succeed. The RAK Investment Authority can also be used as a staging ground for companies that work internationally. It is for this reason that its home to some of the most successful international companies.

A few more reasons to choose RAK Investment Authority

If you are considering establishing a freezone company to benefit from an excellent business and tax-freeenvironment, then that's not the only reason to choose RAK Investment Authority. Here are a few more reasons to choose RAKIA for your business:

  • Relatively cost effective business setup solution for businesses of all sizes
  • An excellent choice for startup businesses looking to pilot an idea
  • Quick and easy access to dozens of emerging markets in the MENA Region
  • You have easy access to express highways, airports, and seaports not to mention a 45-minute drive to Dubai
  • You own 100% of the company
  • No taxes corporate or otherwise
  • Full repatriation of your capital and profits
  • Access to a vast talent pool from across the world
  • A high standard of living on par with first world countries

How we can be invaluable to your business?

Fast Free Zone is a professional service that helps investors start a freezone company in RAK Investment Authority. We take care of all the paperwork, translations and approvals so that you don't have to. Plus, our professionals can get your business setup without you even having to be in the UAE. Feel free to contact us today for free consultation regarding setting up your business.

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