Sharjah International Airport Free Zone

Over the past decade or so Sharjah Airport International Free Zone has become a popular choice amongst investors who want to start a freezone company in the UAE. The Emirate of Sharjah holds a number of advantages over other emirates which include its growing population of expats, excellent infrastructure, and cost-effective living. It is for these reasons that the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone has become home to businesses in the media, manufacturing IT and trading industry. Also shipping companies find the open and easy access to the Indian Ocean via Port KhorFakkan to and Port Khalid to make doing business a lot more efficient.

Which businesses are best suited for SAIF Zone

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone is for companies that are looking to establish themselves in the region. The speed of service, easy access, and excellent standards means that investors don't need to make compromises. However, while the perception of a rigorous and complicated business setup procedure to incorporate a business in Sharjah may turn away potential investors, its freezones are a lot easier. The quick licensing process of SAIF-ZONE means that investors don't have to wait as long. Plus, all investors retain 100% of their capital.

Retail businesses and those in the services industry will also want to choose the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone to start a freezone company because it provides access to over two billion people. Each day billions of people move through and transit via the airport making it one of the most lucrative places to setup shop. Its link to the world means that businesses can sell more and provide more services than anywhere else. Add to that a corporate tax-free environment and 100% foreign ownership, and the SAIF-ZONE is your best choice.

SAIF Zone License Types

Industrial License: When you register a freezone company with an industrial license, the business is permitted to carry out assembling, manufacturing, export and import of finished products. However, the products that you deal in will need to be approved by the SAIF-Zone Health and Environmental Department.

Commercial License: Sharjah International Airport Free Zone commercial license is mainly for selling, storing and distributing a particular category of products. One license can be used for up to three products which should be similar.

A General Trading License: The General Trading License is a Commercial License but one which covers a larger array of categories. So, you can buy and sell a range of products with a general trading license. For instance, all skin care or makeup products.

Service License: You will only want to start a freezone company in the SAIF Zone with a service license if the business is providing a service. For instance specific services like car rental, house cleaning, etc. However, there are some services which are restricted, so you need to refer to the complete list provided by the SAIF Zone authorities.

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